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Night School

Individualized instruction is provided from 4-8pm Mon - Thurs. This program offers evening classes for credit for any student who may need to make up a course, take an extra course to get ahead, or benefit from personalized attention.

We offer night school courses for credit, early graduation, or high schooler finishing for students who have withdrawn from schools, and programs for students released from prior schools.

This allows students who only need a few classes to graduate without having to attend a full day program at other schools. Students who have failed classes at their previous school can qualify for these classes. Students who may have failed classes at their school can take these classes, up their credits or get ahead during the Night school. Aug-May, Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 8pm.

An appointment is needed to discuss this programming further with our Headmaster, Dr. Delmon Moore. Night school educational offers are considered on a case by case basis and is dependant upon availability of instructors. Tuition prices may vary. 



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