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About Our Private School


Atlanta Country Day School maintains a 6:1 or smaller student-teacher ratio. The faculty consists of experienced educators who possess either bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees in their subject areas. Selected for their knowledge of subject matter, their desire to teach and motivate students, and their willingness to advise and develop co-curricular activities, the faculty serves as positive academic and personal role models.


 Accreditation and Membership

Atlanta Country Day School is:

• Accredited with quality by the Georgia Accrediting Commission
• Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
• Member of many professional associations.

Why Atlanta Country Day School?

• Small group classes give students a chance to succeed
• Student centered learning focus on student strengths and creativity.
• Individualized classes support student needs
• Experience with students whose true academic potential may or may not be realized in traditional classroom environments
• Modified, four day per week schedule that maximizes instructional time and provides all of the benefits of a block schedule with none of the drawbacks
• Sensitivity to tuition costs
• Absence of uniforms allows students to be themselves
• Environment that mimics a workplace and allows teachers and students to work together to achieve goals.
• Desire to understand and work with the student as individuals
• Academic placement and support
• Personal attention from faculty and administrators
• Student expectations that recognize student individuality

Atlanta Country Day School has a zero tolerance for student use or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on campus. Atlanta Country Day school reserves the right to search the person, possessions, vehicles or lockers of students or visitors without prior knowledge. Failure to submit to such a search may result in expulsion without credit. The campus is a non-smoking environment as well.



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